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Auriga Books, LLC endeavors to provide books on subjects you will not find elsewhere. Our books range from translations on horse-training theory (dressage) to motivational books on improving business skills to exposés on the Illuminati and the impostor-replaceement agenda. The latest, CODE RED, exposes the communist takeover of America. Check out our selection of books - you may find something of interest!

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Den of Vipers

Zion's Legacy: The Nakba Catastrophe and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Cynthia F. Hodges, JD. LLM, MA

"Zion’s Legacy" examines the catastrophic Nakba, a pivotal moment in history characterized by the widespread displacement of Palestinians during the establishment of Israel in 1948. The narrative delves into the clash between Zionist and Palestinian aspirations, illustrating how this collision of cultures continues to inflame conflict. The book sheds light on unresolved issues stemming from the Nakba that prevent lasting peace. Prompting acknowledgment of historical injustices, "Zion’s Legacy" calls for reconciliation and suggests potential paths towards achieving peace in the Middle East.

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