Forbidden Secrets of the Illuminati: The Luciferian Deception

Michael Adair

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Paperback: 58 pages
Publisher: Auriga Books, First Edition (June 1, 2012)
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ISBN-13: 978-0-9763920-1-9

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Forbidden Secrets of the Illuminati: The Luciferian Deception

Author: Michael Adair
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The Illuminati form a secret society that plans to impose the draconian New World Order on the whole of humanity. The information contained in this book was entrusted to the author by an Illuminati insider who instructed him to write a pro-Illuminati recruitment book. The author has instead revealed the secrets of their belief system, the deceptive recruitment process they use to lure unsuspecting initiates, and the ultimate Luciferian agenda. Would-be Illuminists may be drawn to the mystery surrounding the Order and the promise of learning forbidden secrets, but this book acts as a spoiler. It discloses the disturbing secrets initiates will only discover after ascending to the highest degrees of the mystery school.

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Reader Reviews
"We now live in a world in which international politics is brokered by a handful of elite, among them the Illuminati. Michael Adair keenly investigates this clandestine society using interviews and historical research to uncover enlightening new information. Surviving through the centuries, it is frightening to think of how the Illuminati continues to influence our daily lives. A must read for anyone concerned about the future of liberty."
~ Frank Scozzari, Actor and Author of The Wind Guardian and The Devils Canyon

"For those interested in gaining more insights into the apparent machinations of those groups that are at work 'behind the curtain' in running all major affairs on our planet, this work could offer some useful ideas, and it will probably only take you 2 or 3 hours to read.
"The author of the work states that he is something of an 'insider,' with 'familial connections to the Knights Templar and the Knights of Malta.' He states he is disclosing the information because he was told to write a book which would attract potential new Illuminati members. He decided he would do the opposite and hopes to discourage 'new recruits' from coming forward, by revealing darker secrets.
"Adair explains that some of the information he was given can be found in several works he lists in the introduction (one such work is The Illuminati Papers by Robert Anton Wilson). However, he also states that some of the information is contained in written works only available to 'Illuminati grandmasters.' He also mentions the interview with Leo Zagami (an alleged Illuminati Grandmaster) as a source of information.
"The author discusses the Illuminati’s wish to 'replace' the Abrahamic religions with their own religion, which is Luciferianism. The second and third chapters go into rather a lot of detail about how the Illuminati draw initiates into their religion in stages – and the roles of various entities and deities are discussed. Quite a long time is spent in discussing the real story of Jesus Christ – and, for example, what really happened (according to the author’s information) during the crucifixion and the resurrection. The linking of Jesus to Mithraism is also mentioned, which is an important link to be made. The beginnings of the bloodline of Jesus and the Rex Deus family are also briefly covered.
"The second half of the book does contain quite a lot of detail and can be a little difficult to follow, as explanations are made about the various entities involved in the Illuminati Religion and what role they play. A distinction between Lucifer and Satan is made and, interestingly, a reference is made to Saturn in one part, which some say is a 'controlling force' in our reality.
"In Chapter 4, 'Genesis and Science,' some readers may find the discussion of the concept of a singularity rather technical, but it is interesting – and seemingly logically sound. Similarly, the discussion of the interesting ideas of dimensional energy and dimensionless energy may need a second reading. I found it useful to think about these ideas and compare them to what I had already read about, both in mainstream science and in more esoteric areas of study. For example, 'quantum entanglement' is brought into the picture, so this would suggest that either the author has re-interpreted and updated much older information, or the “core information” itself has been added to 'at source,' based on more modern and conventional scientific thinking.
"I think one important area which is discussed is the 'mind/matter' nature of the universe as this, for me, is where the 'real battleground' is. Perhaps it is within this context that the Illuminati, if indeed they really are one of the operational groups running the planet, are interacting with something like the Djinn (a race of evil demons mentioned several times in this work) in order to give themselves a significant advantage over the rest of us, in what I might call 'the manipulation of our reality.'
"In the conclusion, it is again mentioned that one of the main goals of the Illuminati is to essentially 'wipe out' the major religions and replace them with a belief in Lucifer as god. However, it is noted that the Djinn are using the Illuminati in their own agenda.
"Looking at many aspects of organised cultures in the world today, it really does seem as if they are run, in large part, by some evil force, or an insidious and mostly hidden group of evil entities. Reading Forbidden Secrets of the Illuminati will not tell you how to defeat this evil group or force, but it gives one possible interpretation of aspects and some components of that force or group. Reading this work, therefore, may enable you to add something to your own “mental arsenal” when dealing with these troubling issues."

~ Andrew Johnson, Co-Author of 911 Finding the Truth and Researcher at Check the Evidence

"Nothing so clear, valid and specific has ever, to my knowledge, been released before about the Illuminati."
~ R. Oren, PhD, Economist

"I found Michael very credible, and very sincere. I am really glad there are people like him who have their heart in the right place. "  ~ Henry Makow, PhD, Author

"I just read the Illuminati book in one sitting. It was very good."
~ Aman B.

About the Author
Michael Adair graduated college with a masters degree in computer science in 1984. He began to show an interest in secret fraternal societies as early as 1986. His discovery of the various methods used by world leaders to control and influence the populations of the world led him on a quest to learn more about their position on global politics. Through a series of contacts with the Knights Templar and the Knights of Malta, he was introduced to members of the Bavarian Illuminati. He soon discovered many important secrets of the global elite, and their plans to bring serious changes to the free nation states of the world. In his new book, Forbidden Secrets of the Illuminati, the author exposes the primary belief system of this mysterious group of aristocrats and political leaders, along with many dark secrets that are part of their fraternal order.

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