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Please see articles about classical dressage by Karl Mikolka, Kurt Albrecht von Ziegener, Cynthia F. Hodges, JD, LLM, MA and Kip Mistral:

Achieving Balance: Loading the Hind Legs by C. Hodges

Advanced Dressage: Piaffe and Passage by C. Hodges

Anatomy of Dressage (Excerpt) by Schusdziarra, Heinrich

Baucher's Methods by Karl Mikolka

The Canter Pirouette by C. Hodges

Collection of Short Articles by C. Hodges

The Draw Rein Debate by C. Hodges

Dressage: Classical Equitation by C. Hodges

The Equestrian Ballet: The Pageantry of Dressage by C. Hodges

Equine Art: The Tradition of Realism Continues in Texas by C. Hodges

Equine Law Contracts: Boarding, Sales, Training

Experts Perspective Q & A: What is Your Favorite Arena Exercise? by C. Hodges

Experts Perspective Q & A: What is the Importance of Forward Riding? by C. Hodges

The Flying Change by C. Hodges

The History of the Quarter Horse and Its Future in Dressage by C. Hodges

Influencing the Horse: the Half-Halt by C. Hodges

The Language of the Aids: Communicating with the Dressage Horse by C. Hodges

Karl Mikolka: Teaching the Old School by C. Hodges

An Overview of the Three Training Phases of the Classical School by C. Hodges

Riding auf Doppeltrense: Introducing the Double Bridle by C. Hodges

Solutions in Dressage: Strengthening the Hind Legs by C. Hodges

The Training Level Horse by C. Hodges

Toto, Too? Recovering the Sense of Tact in Today's Dressage by Kip Mistral

USDF Instructor Workshop With Rachel Saavedra by C. Hodges

Wanted: Good Examples by Kurt Albrecht von Ziegener

Book Translations (from German)

Monsieur Baucher and His Arts: A Serious Word with Germany's Riders by Louis Seeger

System of Horsemanship by Louis Seeger

Anatomy of Dressage by Schusdziarra, Heinrich

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