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Book Reviews of
Beyond the Cherry Tree: the Leadership Wisdom of George Washington
by James Parrish Hodges, Ph.D.

"Beyond the Cherry Tree is an excellent guide for managers to follow as it is very 'Real world.' I recommend this book to all managers for they can easily implement the ideas and principles described in the book."  
~ David M Alexander  Manager of Distribution  (Retired)  Air Products and 
Chemicals, Inc.

"The Author hit a Home Run when he stated that today’s executives should 'stand on GW’s shoulders ' to have a more panoramic view of what good leadership is all about.”
~ Donald E Howard,  author of “The Role of Reading in Nine Famous Lives”

"Using lessons and guidelines from GW’s exemplary life, Hodges’ speaks of building leadership skills at every level, the special need to build character, calculate risks to ensure success, engender loyalty among peers, and plan for succession. Hodges’ book provides a lifeline on how this could be best achieved." 
~ Barbara Bennett Peterson, Ph.D Emeritus, Professor of history, University of Hawaii.
Dr Peterson is the author of “George Washington, America’s Moral Exemplar. “

"Congratulations on a fine piece of scholarly workmanship on George Washington’s leadership. This book makes wonderful and insightful reading. It is historical while at the same time relevant to the need for moral leadership and ethics in government in today’s world." 
~ Gilbert C, Cuthbertson, Ph.D. Professor of Political  Science, Rice University. 

"In summary, this book is a gold mine for anyone interested in improving his or her leadership. There are countless 'nuggets of wisdom’ to be extracted and the price is right. Perhaps the bottom line for George Washington is, 'If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you don’t have integrity, nothing else matters.'"  
~ William Keppler, PHD, President Emeritus and civilian aide to Secretary of the Army, Lifetime Appointment. 

"This book provides much pertinent and timely ideas to the reader. It is a quick read, but filled with material well worth re-reading." 
~ Brian Larman

"Leadership, by George! brings a stirring message of George Washington’s ethical, moral, principled leadership that illuminates the challenges he imperatives of leadership in our time. An engaging resource." 
~ Frances Hesselbein, Chairwoman, Leader to Leader Institute. 

"This book will teach you how the ethical principles of George Washington founded our great country." 
~ Rice Aston, Past National President, Sons of the American Revolution.

"Jim Hodges has done a marvelous job of taking the story of GW and making it relevant to modern business practices. He shows how Washington’s effective leadership evolved to make him one of the most successful leaders in world history. He also explains, in  highly engaging style, how the same traits that led to Washington’s  success continue to influence modern business leadership." 
~ Ed Cotham, Jr., attorney at law, president of the Terry Foundation.

"Great Message!!! Thank you, Jim." 
~ Russ Schultz , Captain, USN Retired, Executive V. P. of Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge. 

"Perhaps the first Superperforming CEO, George Washington’s gem of wisdom will help anyone to be a better manager and leader. If you put his advice into pracice, I absolutely guarantee it will lead to a more productive, happier and meaningful work-life." 
~ David Guerra, founder and President of Corpus Optima 

 “Thank you for the unique way you are teaching others about the leadership style of George Washington. I can’t think of a better role model than our first president, and you are to be commended for ensuring that Washington’s legacy is preserved accurately."  
~ Drayton McLane, Jr. Chairman,  McLane Group, owner of the Houston Astros 

"I took your book to France to read on the plane. I very much enjoyed your book.  I had no idea that George Washington was such an innovator and excellent businessman. What he accomplished with Mt. Vernon is truly inspiring. I liked how you make the reader of your book feel as if George Washington is telling the story personally of his life. Lots of very valuable advice in your book. I too believe that if you're honest, ethical, and work hard, you'll be a success in life on both the personal front and business side. 
As far as advice, I think you have a winning formula for your book. More of the same great tips and advice."
~ Ed Dorame

Order Beyond the Cherry Tree: The Leadership Wisdom of George Washington by Dr. Hodges.

Sadly, Dr. Hodges passed away in February 2023.
Please see his obituary (PDF version here) or watch video obituary.

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