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Motivational & Inspirational Keynote Speaker, James Parrish Hodges, Ph.D.

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True Stories of General Sam Houston's Ethical Principles come alive through the motivational speeches of James Parrish Hodges, Ph.D.

James Parrish Hodges, Ph.D., professional speaker, author and motivational speaker, has a calling that brings the ethical and universal principles of General Sam Houston to life. Jim possesses extensive knowledge of this great hero. He relates the messages of one of Texas' founders with a fundamental reverence for what General Houston was able to accomplish for his countries.

As a keynote speaker with breakout sessions, Jim uses his experience as a pubic speaker to inspire his audiences to understand, appreciate and strive to emulate General Houston, a wonderful leader and mentor for all generations. Jim is a compassionate and gifted storyteller, who gives vivid accounts of Texas history, both serious and amusing, while imparting messages of hope, strength, perseverance and universal faith!

Using his skills as a motivational speaker, Jim allows audiences to go away knowing that Sam Houston's leadership principles are as valid and appropriate today as they were in the 1800's. They are motivated through Jim's abilities as an inspirational speaker to use these principles immediately to become leaders that are more effective.

Please see Sam Houston: Man of Principle

"The audience seemed captivated by your presentation of Sam Houston. I particularly enjoyed the manner in which you encouraged audience participation. As a museum professional, I appreciated your historical accuracy, while telling the story of one of Texas's greatest heroes. You had thoroughly researched your character, form the clothes he wore to his political beliefs. Keep up the great work!"
Anne McGaugh, Star of the Republic Museum

James Parrish Hodges, Ph.D.
As a professional speaker, Jim has portrayed General Sam Houston for many years. A member of the National Speakers Association, and several historical and patriotic groups, he is the recipient of the "George Washington National Honor Award" from the "Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge." For his dedicated work as a motivational speaker, Jim was made an honorary Son of the Republic of Texas. After a long and successful business career, Jim is now a full-time public speaker characterizing Sam Houston and George Washington.

Sadly, Dr. Hodges passed away in February 2023. Please see his obituary (PDF version here) or watch video obituary.

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