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Motivational & Inspirational Keynote Speaker, James Parrish Hodges, Ph.D.

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Testimonials for Motivational & Inspirational Speaker
James Parrish Hodges, Ph.D.

"Jim Hodges' presentation reinforced that the values or qualities of honor, duty, trust, and compassion are timeless."
Paul Ralph, CPA, President, Ralph & Ralph

- "Thanks to you I have a great new respect for our national founders and leaders like George Washington. I had known of his accomplishments, but never would I have believed his character to be so great. He really led through example, as you were able to prove through the many amazing stories. The way you dress and the knowledge you carried truly brought the history alive... I wish you had been my teacher in business school!"
Jack Tuggle, Boy Scouts of America

"Jim, your presentation as General George Washington was outstanding. Your characterization was inspirational. The first person account of the tribulations faced by our Revolutionary War veterans transported us to that time in American history."
Karyl Fischer, HUD

"By far the best presentation and speech I have ever heard. Most unique presentation ever. It cannot be improved, congratulations!
Abe Moore, C.B.I. Veteran

"The audience seemed captivated by your presentation of Sam Houston. I particularly enjoyed the manner in which you encouraged audience participation. As a museum professional, I appreciated your historical accuracy, while telling the story of one of Texas's greatest heroes. You had thoroughly researched your character, form the clothes he wore to his political beliefs. Keep up the great work!"
Anne McGaugh, Star of the Republic Museum

Sadly, Dr. Hodges passed away in February 2023. Please see his obituary (PDF version here) or watch video obituary.

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