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Motivational & Inspirational Keynote Speaker, James Parrish Hodges, Ph.D.

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The Miracles at Valley Forge
While Valley Forge was a seemingly hopeless time in our battle for freedom. Miraculous experiences produced a professional army that won independence giving birth to the greatest nation on earth. As a motivational speaker, Jim explains how General Washington used principles such as perseverance, truth, integrity and faith to sustain him and his men. Business leaders today find these same principles invaluable and can be readily implemented.
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"Jim Hodges' presentation reinforced that the values or qualities of honor, duty, trust, and compassion are timeless."
Paul Ralph, CPA,
President, Ralph & Ralph

Victory or Death - Crossing the Delaware
Possibly the most spellbinding story Jim tells is about the battles for Trenton and Princeton, the defining event in the American Revolution. Times were desperate and the army would evaporate without a decisive win. This professional speaker will mesmerize the audience as they listen to how victory was won by George Washington's ethical leadership principles --- principles that can be most effectively used by today's business leaders.

Against All Odds - Victory of Yorktown
In this profound message, Jim, as a motivational speaker, relates how Washington, using all the principles of leadership, was able to bring together two nations, three armies, Congress and civilians. The armies marched 450 miles to defeat the British at Yorktown. Audiences learn how George Washington's courage and faith in God, his men and America sustained and strengthened his resolve and brought forth this great nation!

George Washington - The Ultimate Leader
Washington determined at an early age that he would be a leader. With the help of three great mentors, George "invented" himself in the personification of a purely ethical leader who believed he owed America his service in whatever capacity was required. In this deeply moving presentation, Jim, as both a public speaker and a keynote speaker, proves how the United States was created through George Washington's belief in her people.

Sadly, Dr. Hodges passed away in February 2023. Please see his obituary (PDF version here) or watch video obituary.

"Thanks to you I have a great new respect for our national founders and leaders like George Washington. I had known of his accomplishments, but never would I have believed his character to be so great. He really led through example, as you were able to prove through the many amazing stories. The way you dress and the knowledge you carried truly brought the history alive... I wish you had been my teacher in business school!"
Jack Tuggle, Boy Scouts of America

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